What is SwipeLah!

is our unique motto.

SwipeLah! is the World first Gaming and Digital Marketing Channel that rewards the unique and universal SwipeCash!

SwipeCash! = Digital Voucher

Swipelah! Gamification feature rewards Digital Vouchers for the first time registered users or Refer Friends or Level up or when swiping to see next offer/promotions by our Partner Merchants. The most active SwipeLah! users also will be rewarded!

How SwipeLah! Works

The game is very simple, just Swipe, Win and Redeem.


Swipelah! show nearby offers/promotions by our Partner Merchants and users to swipe to see next offer/promotions based on the locations. Swipe left, swipe right, swipe up, swipe down and you are SwipeCash! (=Digital Vouchers) might be rewarded while swiping to see next SwipeCard!


Woot Woot! Yes, you might be get while swiping to see next Partner Merchant Promotions/Offers based on various reward distribution ingredients.

You might also be get rewarded when you are actively using SwipeLah! for Redeem SwipeCash! or Swiping SwipeCard! in different locations.


at our registered Partner Merchants. YASS, no gimmicks! no fuss! Visit our Partner Merchant redemption location, buy anything and offset your bill fully or partially using SGQR code or SwipeLah! QR code

SwipeLah! Heros


BOTTO is our Artificial Intelligence and your SwipeLah! companion, who travels along with you, talk to you and keep you engaged to play SwipeLah! games.


SwipeCard! are simple Digital Marketing posters that are posted by our Partner Merchants to promote their Products. You might be rewarded SwipeCash! when you are Swiping the SwipeCard! To see next Offers/Promotions.


You can Offset your bill, fully or partially from our registered Partner Merchants, National-wide in Singapore using SGQR code or SwipeLah! QR code.